• Wonderland (Recorded Live at LILT Lounge)

    Mixed By Seefano Ravasini

Wonderland – A beautiful place that can only be visited through drugs (weed does not count). Everything you see is bright and vivid, and more euphoric than any sober person could ever imagine. Black and white are non-existant in wonderland, because they contrast all the other colors. When you are in wonderland you are not aware of it, you're too distracted by the amazing things you're seeing to even realize you're in a different world. You cannot comprehend so much as the idea of “reality”. Wonderland can only be seen on drugs because the human mind is not capable of experiencing such an incredible place without assistance. It's one of the many reasons you actually should use drugs.



Track List

1) Bas Roos - Brother Love (Original Mix) 
2) Alaia and Gallo - Who Is He? feat. Kevin Haden (Original Mix) 
3) Sandy Rivera - Speak (Speak Original Mix) 
4) MD X-Spress, Simion - God Made Me Feel It (Claptone Edit) 
5) Yass - Get Some (David Penn Remix) 
6) Malachi, Moji - How It Feels (Full Intention Remix) 
7) Bastille - Blame (Claptone Extended Mix) 
8) Kevin McKay - The Oooh Song (Original Mix) 
9) The ReLOUD - Can't Get Away (Alaia & Gallo Remix) 
10) New Order - People On The High Line (Claptone Remix) 
11) Roland Clark, Ultra Nate - The First Time Free (Claptone Remix) 
12) Freiboitar - Nobody Dance (Original Mix) 
13) Jay Vegas - How Sweet (Original Mix) 
14) Golden Summer - In The City (Claptone Edit) 
15) KPD - Buster Douglas (Original Mix) 
16) Ferreck Dawn & Rene Amesz - Lord (Extended Mix) 
17) Kevin McKay - What U Want (J Paul Getto Classic mix)


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